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Athletic Therapy is the assessment and treatment of all types injuries ranging from acute to chronic.  An Athletic Therapist specializes in working with athletes but their work can be applied to anyone!


They utilize various soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques and reinforce their manual hands on work with carefully designed exercise programs to help you get back to doing what you love, performing at your best and living pain free.

Whether you're a weekend warrior, work in the trades, have any type of physical job or are a grandparent hoping to be able to pick up their grandchildren without pain again, Athletic Therapy is for you!

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Our Registered Massage Therapist has worked in both a spa and sports setting.  What this means is we can specifically tailor your treatment to meet your needs.  

Need a sports style massage? No problem!  Looking to relax and unwind? We have you covered! 


We take an approach which can involve a range of different techniques and tools including: Swedish massage techniques, acupuncture, cupping &/or cupping facials, joint mobilizations, therapist assisted stretching, sports massage, craniosacral and anything in-between!

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Acupuncture is offered as part of treatment to help with things like: inflammation, sore/tight muscles, recovery from sport or injury, chronic pain, muscle recruitment, performance enhancement, whiplash etc. 


The acupuncture offered at End 2 End Therapy and Performance is known as Neurofunctional Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.  It takes a scientific approach to the applications and points utilized and was developed at McMaster University. 


On average, results are usually noticed immediately but sometimes can take up to 24 hours to be really prevalent.  Within 6 treatments a significant improvement is expected but this often happens sooner than that.  

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Want to know why you keep having the same injuries occur? Want to find ways to optimize your performance? Want to identify injury prone areas and prevent them from happening?

A movement analysis will you help you do all of this and more!


We do a full body assessment, highlight targeted areas and give you some self-care things to do for them at home before you leave.  It's great for athletes, active individuals or anyone looking to feel their best!

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Many places offer baseline concussion testing but not many places have true experience in concussion testing and management like we do.  We utilize the same testing practices used in professional sports to bring the highest standard of testing to you and your athletes!


We’ve also partnered with numerous Sports Doctors and Concussion Specialist Doctors to help develop a cutting-edge addition to the normal baseline testing.  This involves vision analysis and screening to ensure the most dominant system affected (the eyes) have a good baseline to start with!


Based on your vision analysis results at baseline, we can provide some specific exercises to help improve scores that may be lower and ultimately improve your in-sport vision.  Vision is attributed to increased sports performance and recent studies now indicate it plays a pivotal role in injury prevention as well!

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20/20 isn’t all vision is.  20/20 vision isn’t even considered the best vision an athlete should have and is only the ability to read an eye chart from 20 feet away up to a certain line. 


True vision involves so many other factors such as: tracking, convergence, divergence, peripheral vision, depth perception etc. We not only analyze all of these but provide specific exercises to train them to be better!


After a concussion, the visual system is almost always affected (more so than any other system).  Of the 12 cranial nerves, vision is associated with the vast majority of them.  Your baseline scores are likely to have been affected and depending how badly, can often prolong your recovery.


This is where vision therapy comes into play.  Just like training the rest of your body, we train your eyes and brain to help recover from injury and improve your performance.  It’s been shown to dramatically improve recovery times and help many people that suffer serious post-concussion symptoms for any prolong period of time.  

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Are you a coach, parent or athlete and not quite satisfied with how your team trains? Looking to maximize the potential of your team? Looking to minimize injuries in sport?


Ask us about our team training!  We take an elite approach by doing things the way we do in professional sports and with the numerous professional athletes we work with. 


Our programming is different because we incorporate a sports medicine model into it in a way very few people ever get to experience.  Our exercises are different (but we still do some of the classics that work), we pay incredible attention to detail, each athlete gets an assessment prior to a program to identify areas that are either at risk of future injury or just need some extra focus and then we give them things that day to start doing to combat these issues, our warm-ups are specific and done with intent – not just going through the motions.


Younger teams? That’s ok too! Teaching these young aspiring athletes proper fundamentals now makes their training much easier down the road.  There’s an old myth that kids shouldn’t lift but the science we have now disputes this.  Teaching them to train properly before puberty means as they start to grow, they will have better body coordination and control and when they’re able to start generating real muscle growth; it will allow us to train them easier.


Email us at: for more info!

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Just like with any training we do here, we incorporate a sports medicine and elite performance approach.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior, trying to get in shape or a small group of teammates or athletes – our approach focuses on fundamentals, building a foundation, helping rehabilitate current injuries and prevent future ones!


A smaller group can be beneficial for those that don’t have a team to train with or people looking to get away from big box gyms and high intensity exercising that will lead to breakdown and injury as time goes on.


Don’t get us wrong! We will push you, make you sweat and work BUT we will do it in a safe way so that you aren’t hurting yourself because you did 500 kipping pull-ups in a workout and wrecked your shoulder. 


Email us at: for more info!

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Just like with all of our training models we are bringing the same services to you only now you don’t have to share your space with anyone.  You’ll be the superstar with 100% of our attention just on you!


This allows us to tailor things even more specific to your own individual needs, goals and ambitions. 


Email us at: for more info!

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We will talk to you, assess your needs, habits and lifestyle and formulate a plan to help you achieve your weight loss or body transformation goals with the intent of helping you develop long-term and sustainable ways of living healthy and feeling your best!


Much of the consultation will be done virtually/online with workouts tailored to your home gyms, current gyms etc.  We’ve included an option for in person training as well to help maximize your results!


Email us at: for more info!

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